For horticulture

For horticulture and viticulture


Soil management services for horticulture

  • Soil testing and leaf testing service.
  • Annual fertiliser and crop management programs.
  • Trouble – shooting soil and crop nutrition issues.

Soil management services for viticulture

  • Soil testing and leaf petiole testing service.
  • Annual fertiliser and soil management programs for vines.
  • Trouble-shooting soil and vine nutrition issues.
  • Pre-plant soil amendment and fertiliser programs at vineyard establishment – working with soil surveyors.

Water efficiency

Good soil management is the key to water use efficiency because biologically active, well structured soil:

  • has higher infiltration rates and absorbs more water from rainfall or irrigation
  • can store more water in its pore spaces and in soil humus
  • loses less water through evaporation in hot weather.

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